Two doctors, one question.

“When a standard endovascular revascularization approach is not possible for patients with long-segment peripheral artery blockages, can we create a safe, effective, minimally-invasive solution that causes less trauma to the body than open femoral-popliteal bypass surgery?”

This was the challenge the founders of PQ Bypass set out to solve.

Out of this question came the DETOUR System. Used together for the DETOUR procedure, these technologies present a novel, percutaneous approach to femoral-popliteal bypass surgery. Used on their own for a standard lower-limb endovascular intervention, they are designed to be powerful options for treating long-segment femoropopliteal disease.

The PQ Bypass System

The PQ Bypass System  is a novel approach to fully-percutaneous femoral-popliteal bypass procedure. Using fluoroscopic guidance, a series of proprietary TORUS Stent Grafts are deployed from the popliteal artery into the femoral vein, and from the femoral vein into the superficial femoral artery in a continuous, overlapping fashion through two independent fistulas.  The intended result is a large lumen, endograft bypass that delivers unobstructed, pulsatile flow from the SFA ostium to the Popliteal artery. The PQ Bypass System is designed to provide long-term durability while minimizing trauma to the body, hospital stays, and rehabilitation times associated with open surgery.

The PQ Bypass System is currently under investigation in the US IDE DETOUR II Clinical Trial, identifier: NCT03119233


PQ Snare

The PQ Snare is an over-the-wire, dual-nitinol-caged endovascular scaffold created to present a destination and snare  for guidewires, then extract them through the tibial vein scaffold.

PQ Crossing Device

The PQ Crossing Device  is a spring-loaded guidewire support and delivery system. During the PQ DETOUR procedure, it is designed to create initial artery-vein-artery communication.

TORUS Stent Graft System

The TORUS Stent Graft System features a flexible, self-expanding composite structure made of a nitinol wire frame encapsulated in ePTFE.  Designed for flexibility and robust durability to help maintain an open lumen, the PQ Stent Graft System is under investigation in Europe for both standard intra-arterial placement and for use in the PQ Bypass procedure.